Saturday, June 4, 2016

Low Down on the HoeDown

                                     June 10-12

              Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds

                           Watsonville, CA

Hope everyone is ready for the Misty Mountain HoeDown #34. After 31 years, we return to the coastal fairgrounds in Watsonville, right off Highway 152. We will be on the Amphitheatre Lawn, right next to the Ocean Speedway which will be rumbling Friday night with auto races. IT WILL BE LOUD!

OH, by the way, Thursday Night Warm-Up is only $35. Get a jump on the weekend and beat the crowd. That will also make things more relaxing on Friday, and you won’t have to deal with the race crowd. If you are coming in on Friday afternoon, beware, the parking lot will get very crazy after 4pm and it may be difficult to navigate through it. Be sure to look for the directional signs as it could be tricky.

With the races going on we will not be playing Bottle Poker on Friday Night. But there will be some unique HoeDown style games on Saturday, including our own brand of Horse Shoes on the lawn.

Around supper time we will do the Chili Cooking Contest Judging. Then, after the sun goes down, the party ramps up around the SLUT BAR!

Sunday we will wrap it up with awards and the raffle. Be sure to support the Neon Vanners!